Council Drain, Rock Retention & Concrete Base

Council Drain, Rock Retention and Concrete Base A council drain we created for Unity Water for a local Council.  This included creating the drainage, concrete base and the rock retention.

Site Clearing Finished After (2)

Land Site Clearing Services – Gympie, Sunshine Coast

Site Clearing Services – Gympie, Sunshine Coast We provide fully licensed operators to complete your commercial, rural or residential site clearing projects.  Working to your specifications and providing sound advice and experience we have the necessary skills and equipment to best suit your requirements. Our services include; Tree Felling Burning Off Levelling Disposal

Retaining Wall Turf preparation Irrigation installation Federal

Retaining Wall – Ground and Site Work preparation for Pool Tiling & Bali Hut

Retaining Wall – Ground and Site Work Preparation for Pool Tiling & Bali Hut Sunshine Cost Region A team effort for this large retaining wall and outdoor entertainment project. We performed project management and ground & site works for this retaining wall, pool, tiling, turf preparation, stairs and construction project. Back to Home page.

Rural Road Construciton Gympie- Driveway

Rural Road Construction Gympie – Driveway We constructed this rural road – driveway for a new property. This project included side battering, drain and clearing sections required. Back to Home page.

Rural Road at Cedar Pocket, Gympie

Rural Road at Cedar Pocket, Gympie We constructed this road at Cedar Pocket for a New residence. This project included the battering and cleaning down of slope sections and drainage as required. There are some lovely views along this road. Back to Home page.

A New Dam at Traveston

New Dam for Traveston This New Dam at Traveston was constructed recently. A keyway is a must for any dam, and it is the core trench for the dam to prevent seepage and leaks and to help keep the structure more stable. Back to Home page.

Water Rock Drain for the Bruce Highway

Rock Drain for the side of the Bruce Highway, QLD This Rock Drain was for part of the Sunshine Coast’s upgrade for the Bruce Highway. We have used the Excavator for clearing and digging the drain area and placement of the crushed foundation and rocks and boulders. We then placed the plastic sheeting, laid and

Tree Removal for Caboolture Orchard

Expired Orchard at Caboolture The most effective way to remove orchard trees is to push them out. These orange trees were removed with our latest machinery acquisition – the D6RXL Series Dozer. The trees have been pushed out and ready for removal. Back to Home page.

Desilting, Dam Refill and Compaction at Morayfield

Dam Refill and Compaction at Morayfield This Dam was filled in which required pumping out the water, cleaning out the mud and desilting. All wet soil was removed to allow for correct compaction application. The Dam was then backfilled with 6700 metres of soil. This was compacted down using Heavy Earthmoving Equipment including the Compactor

Excavated Dam

Excavating a New Dam in the Gympie Region

A New Dam for the Gympie Region. Another Dam was recently created with the Gympie Region, just in time for the Summer Rains. Back to Home page.

Excavating a New Dam

A New Dam

Dam Excavation and Earthmoving for Cooloola, Gympie, Sunshine Coast and Moreton areas. Storing water in a Dam is critical to all farms. To see a dam lose water because of bad construction techniques can be crippling to the operations of the farm. Your dam will hold water if constructed in the right manner. The construction

Cut N Fill Excavating

Earthmoving – Clear, Cut and Fill

To view the Earthworks projects we have completed for Clearing, Cut N Fill, click on the images below to scroll through our project gallery.  

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